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Comprehensive Trading ERP Environment
TRADEANNEX® practically eliminates the need for any other software to manage your trading business thus delivering the power of true ERP software. TRADEANNEX® is based on 3-tier architecture which ensures better manageability, more flexibility and higher performance to end user.

On-line Real-time One-point Intuitive Multitasking Data Entry Windows
TRADEANNEX® is associated with underlying database storage in an on-line state to fetch the data as available at the time of request. All transactions recorded through TRADEANNEX® give real-time effect to all statements/registers. Every transaction is recorded at one-point to deliver input to all statements/registers. The data entry field's pop-up options that are intuitive thus eliminate extensive training and typographical errors. Different types of transactions have different windows - but you can open more than one at a time and toggle between them to multi task your activities as required.

Multiple Locations
Manage and operate multiple branches/warehouses. All transactions can be viewed and saved location-wise. Have the independent document numbering series too.

Instant Drill-down Reporting
All reports are intelligently designed to satisfy your urge to reach the root of the transaction. Reports are published instantly and have drill-down facility as needed

Multifunction Security
TRADEANNEX® allows you to sub grouped transaction as per requirement. All transaction will have same functionality but they can be assigned with different document series, security and viewed in different screen navigated by dynamically generated menus.

Pick Using
With Pick Using feature, a Sales Order can be created from existing quotation, Invoice from quotation or sale order. Similarly Purchase Order can be raised from quotation, sales order and Purchase Invoice from a purchase order. User can also use an existing document to create a new one. This saves significant time of data entry.

Cheque Printing
You can print cheques directly from Bank Payment Forms in TRADEANNEX®

Amendment Facility
All quotation, purchase order can be amended in TRADEANNEX®. This helps you keep a track of the history of the particular deals individually.

Attachment Facility
You can attach supporting documents to quotations, orders, etc. This will be saved locally visible to every user

Direct Mailing Option
Its own email client who can be linked to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, enabling direct email

Control on Stock Movement
TRADEANNEX® gives you option to make purchase order compulsory at the time of Stock inward and sales order compulsory at the time of stock outward. TRADEANNEX® allows you to maintain Stock as per expiry date.

Vivid MIS Data sheets and Charts
Management Information System (MIS) is the key to decision making. TRADEANNEX® gives you ample data sheet and chart views to analyze your business and make profitable decisions. What more you can the choose the type of charts you want view the data in.

One-touch Customer Profile
It is very important to understand the customer holistically. One-touch Customer Profile is a powerful tool to understand customer's transactional pattern and its impact on your business

Credit Limit Checks-n-Locks
Managing credit facility for large customer base is tedious. If not managed efficiently, it can affect your cash flow significantly. TRADEANNEX® allows you to activate credit limit (amount and over due days) circuit breakers for your customers. Software will refuse to generate any dispatch or invoice when circuit breaker triggers - Checks-n-Locks protect you from getting into chronic accounts receivable situation. However, administrator/owner gets sufficient flexibility to relax norms as needed

In-depth Event and Audit Logs
Every event that occurs in TRADEANNEX® - initiated by any user - is logged. You can review the logs to identify the source of any exceptional transaction that may have occurred

Extensive User Access Security Management
User access can be controlled through Security Management console. You can extensively implement rights to allow or deny user access to any particular company, financial year, transaction, command (like new transaction, edit transaction or delete transaction) and reports or statements - thus simplifies access control for large number of users

Exhaustive Wild-card Search Engine
Search your accounts, products, vouchers, documents, invoices, purchase orders, etc. easily through wild card (*,?, #, etc.) search engine on various fields

Export list of records, column-wise in excel

Numerous Report Export Formats
All reports that you generate can be exported to variety of accepted document or data-interchange formats like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Coma Separated Values, Tab Separated Text, Text, HTML, etc.

Multiple Report Redirection Options
You can redirect your reports to multiple destinations like Export, Application, Email, Print.

Specify Warranty and Expiry date for the item
User can set (or pick up from masters) expiry date, manufacture date, warranty period, warranty type and agency for service for the Item.

Sales note with profit calculation
User can enter sales rate and purchase rate (with additional details) both while generating sales order thus can get calculated profit for each item.

Bar Code facility
Facility to generate, scan and print Bar Code for items. User can print bar code of
Stock item

View Event log History
Administrators can view the history of activities like modification, deletions User-wise, Voucher-wise, etc.

Product Kitting in sales
Now bundle multiple products and sell as a separate unit.

User Defined Screen
User can defined the screen for every function individually

User Friendly
Having Multiple tabs for ever sub function makes TRADEANNEX® extremely user friendly. User can also choose the date range to view the records.

Billing Status
View Total number of records, Total billed amount, outstanding payment, Number of Forms pending, etc.

User can search every record using the Advanced Search option. It filters the records using possibly every field

User to Salesperson mapping
Map user to Sales person. i.e. every sales person can be assigned to a particular user. This can help in analyse the activities of every sales person vis-à-vis the user

Party-wise Item-wise Pricelist
User can decide and save Party-wise Item-wise pricelist as per the payment history of the customer.

Price Calculation
User can save the criteria based on which the price is arrived on. This information can be saved at item level.

Add-On Software
TRADEANNEX® has a suite of add-on software like, Business Intelligence, Inquiry Management, Contract Management, etc. This helps you to upgrade as and when the need be.

User has the option to upgrade and use TRADEANNEX® for more users or multiple sites any time in future.

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