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ERP Features
TRADEANNEX® is a features rich ERP Software for Trading environment. Discover the expanse of business processes it caters:


Sales (Quotation, Order Processing, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable)
• Open unlimited buyer accounts
• One or more buyer accounts can be linked with a single ledger account
• Clear distinction between consignee location and buyer account
• Generate invoice from unbilled challan
• Record sales on broker and sales person basis
• View party-wise item-wise billing history
• Track customer PO status through sales order
• Generate sales order/Invoice from quotation
• Generate challan or invoice from sales order
• Generate vendor PO from sales order/quotation
• Supports multiple tax in the same invoice
• Get report on pending sales tax forms, party-wise
Business Process
• Cash memo
• Challan cum invoice
• Excise gate pass
• Proforma sales invoice
• Quotation
• Sales Order
Document Printing
• Cash memo printing
• Challan printing
• Invoice printing
• Excise gate pass printing
• Proforma invoice printing
• Quotation printing
• Sales book
• List of unbilled challan
• Brokerage statement
• Bill receivable (broker, salesperson, Region-wise)
• Payment reminder
• On account receipt
• CEO Desk Report
• Class-wise Sales Quantity Dispatch Chart
• Classification-wise Sales Turnover
• Sales (Absolute / Class-wise) Turnover Chart
• Sales v/s Purchase Turnover Comparison Chart
• Customer Profile
• Broker, Sales Person, Segment-wise Turnover
Purchase (Order Processing, Invoicing, Accounts Payable)
• Open Unlimited Manufacturer Accounts
• Open Unlimited Importer Accounts
• Open Unlimited Supplier Accounts
• Clear distinction between Consignor Location and Manufacturer / Importer / Supplier Account
• Track PO Status Item-wise, Party-wise & PO-wise
• Generate Purchase Order through Re-order Trigger
• Generate Purchase Order from Sales Order
• Generate Purchase Order from Quotation
Business Process
• Purchase Order
• Purchase Voucher
• Purchase Return (Stock Return & Debit Note)
Document Printing
• GRN Printing
• Purchase Voucher
• Purchase Return Debit Note
• Purchase Book
• List of Unbilled Stock Receipt
• Bills Payable
• On Account Payments
• Purchase (Absolute / Class-wise) Value Chart
• Purchase v/s Sales Turnover Comparison Chart
• Class-wise Purchase Quantity Receipt Chart
INVENTORY (Goods Receipt, Warehouse Movement, Dispatch)
• Multi-level Item Classification
• Comprehensive Product Master
• User-defined Product Definition Extension
• Stock Viewer to Check Balance Quantity Online
• Stock Valuation Report – Weighted Average
• Stock Statement (Qty and Value)
• Stock Book
• Document-wise Stock (Overall)
• Lot-wise Stock
• D.O. Register
• Stock @ Glance for Warehouse-wise Balance
• Stock Statement (Qty)
• Warehouse-wise Stock (Qty)
• Document Disposal Report
• Gate pass-wise Stock (RG23D)
• Lot-wise Disposal
• Pending Inward Warehouse Transfer
Business Process
• GRN (Fresh Material)
• GRN (Return Material)
• Discrepancy Memo for Stock Adjustment
• Delivery Challan
• Stock Transfer between Warehouses
• Return to Vendor
• Document Printing
• GRN Printing
• Delivery Challan Printing
• Delivery Order to Warehouse Printing
• Inter Warehouse Transfer (MTN) Printing
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (Voucher to Balance Sheet)
• Operate any number of companies
• Operate any number of financial years
• User defined balance sheet heads
• User defined trading account heads
• Open unlimited ledger heads
• Unlimited cash/bank books
• Adjust AR/AP through bank/cash voucher
• Separate voucher series for cash & bank
• Journal voucher based debit & credit allowed in single cash/bank voucher
• Cheque Printing
Business Process
• Cash voucher
• Bank voucher
• Journal voucher
• Outward credit note/ Inward Debit note
• Outward debit note/Inward credit note
• Interest calculation on Loan Amount
• Bank Reconciliation processing
Document Printing
• Receipt voucher printing
• Receipt acknowledgement letter printing
• Pay in slip printing
• Payment advice printing
• Payment voucher printing
• Credit note printing
• Debit note printing
• Balance Sheet
• Balance sheet schedules
• Trading account schedules
• Profit and loss statement
• Trial balance
• Ledger
• Quick ledger for fast viewing
• Journal voucher registration
• Credit debit note register
• Loans payable register
• Loans receivable register
• Interest receivable report
• Interest payable report
• Bank reconciliation statement
• E-filling of Form 2
• Excise Gate Pass
• RG23D Register
• Statement of Revenue
• Form 2
• Gate Pass Details - Defacing Slip
• Annexure 'D'
• VAT Summary Report
• VAT Detail Report
• Sales Tax Form Entry
• Sales Tax-wise Stock Statement
• Form Reminder
• List of Forms Received
• List of Pending Forms
• List of Forms Given
• Sales Tax Summary – Sales & Purchase
• Sales Tax Columnar Report
• Gujarat VAT Reports
• Delhi VAT Reports
TAXATION (Income Tax, Service Tax)
Income Tax
• Vertical Balance Sheet
• Depreciation Statement
• Loan Statement
• Stock Statement
• Accounting Ratios
• TDS Report
• TDS Certificate – Form 16A
Service Tax
• Service Invoice
• Service Tax Liability Statement
• Service Tax Payable Statement
Scope of WEB-X
Module Business Process Programs
Master Party Master Buyer Details
Master Party Master Consignee Details
Master Product Master Item Master
Sales Quotation Data Entry/Copy
Sales Quotation Printing
Sales Quotation Quotation Register
Sales Sales Order Data Entry/Copy
Sales Sales Order Pick-up from Quotation
Sales Sales Order Printing
Sales Sales Order Pending Status – Item-wise
Sales Sales Order Pending Status – SO-wise
Sales Sales Order Pending Status – Party-wise
Sales Proforma Invoice Data Entry/Copy
Sales Proforma Invoice Pick-up from Quotation
Sales Proforma Invoice Printing
Sales Cash Memo Data Entry
Sales Cash Memo Printing
Sales Cash Memo Sales Register
Sales Cash Memo Bills Receivable Statement
Sales Challan cum Invoice Data Entry
Sales Challan cum Invoice Printing
Sales Challan cum Invoice Sales Register
Sales Challan cum Invoice Bills Receivable Statement
Sales Excise Invoice Data Entry
Sales Excise Invoice Printing
Sales Excise Invoice Gate-pass Printing
Sales Excise Invoice Defacing Slip Printing
Sales Excise Invoice Sales Register
Sales Excise Invoice Bills Receivable Statement
Sales Sales Return Data Entry
Sales Sales Return Printing
Sales Sales Return Sales Return Register
Sales Sales Return Bills Receivable Statement
Sales Free Description Invoice Data Entry
Sales Free Description Invoice Printing
Sales Free Description Invoice Sales Register
Sales Free Description Invoice Bills Receivable Statement
Sales Credit Note Data Entry
Sales Credit Note Printing
Sales Credit Note Credit Note Register
Sales Credit Note Bills Receivable Statement
Sales Debit Note Data Entry
Sales Debit Note Printing
Sales Debit Note Debit Note Register
Sales Debit Note Bills Receivable Statement
Purchase Invoice cum Challan Data Entry
Purchase Invoice cum Challan Printing
Purchase Invoice cum Challan Purchase Register
Purchase Purchase Return Data Entry
Purchase Purchase Return Printing
Stock GRN Fresh Data Entry
Stock GRN Fresh Printing
Stock GRN Fresh GRN Register
Stock GRN Return Data Entry
Stock GRN Return Printing
Stock GRN Return GRN Return Register
Stock MTN Inward Data Entry
Stock MTN Inward Printing
Stock MTN Inward MTN Inward Register
Stock Discrepancy Memo (+) Data Entry
Stock Discrepancy Memo (+) Printing
Stock Discrepancy Memo (+) Discrepancy Memo (+) Register
Stock Delivery Challan Data Entry
Stock Delivery Challan Printing
Stock Delivery Challan Delivery Challan Register
Stock Return to Vendor Data Entry
Stock Return to Vendor Printing
Stock Return to Vendor Return to Vendor Register
Stock MTN Outward Data Entry
Stock MTN Outward Printing
Stock MTN Outward MTN Outward Register
Stock Discrepancy Memo (-) Data Entry
Stock Discrepancy Memo (-) Printing
Stock Discrepancy Memo (-) Discrepancy Memo (-) Register
Stock Stock Viewer Stock Viewer
Stock Delivery Note/Order Data Entry
Stock Delivery Note/Order Printing
Stock Delivery Note/Order Delivery Note/Order Register
Stock Stock Reports Stock Statement
Stock Stock Reports Stock Valuation
FA Cash Payment Data Entry
FA Cash Payment Printing
FA Cash Payment Cash Book
FA Cash Receipt Data Entry
FA Cash Receipt Printing
FA Cash Receipt Cash Book
FA Bank Payment Data Entry
FA Bank Payment Printing
FA Bank Payment Bank Book
FA Bank Receipt Data Entry
FA Bank Receipt Printing
FA Bank Receipt Bank Book
FA Ledger Ledger
FA VAT VAT Summary – Sales
FA VAT VAT Summary – Purchase
Inquiry Management
• Maintain contact details, requirements, status of prospective clients
• Record every interaction with the prospect
• Assign next follow-up date to the prospect
• Assign Funnel Stage to the prospect
• Find the expected combined order value
• Record expected order date
• Analyse Sales person’s performance
Contract Management
• Maintain contracts cost centre wise
• Various options to find out contracts to be due in specified period
• Option to record various billing stages for contracts individually
• Various option to find bills due in specified period
• Generate invoice from the contract window on click of a button
• Link already generated invoices to contracts
Business Intelligence
• Get the Net profit & Gross profit for every deal made
• Profitability report for almost every aspect of business    
• Party wise Profit
• Broker Wise Profit
• Sales man Wise Profit
• Customer Group Wise Profit
• Segment Wise Profit
• Region Wise Profit
• City Wise Profit
• Party Product Wise Profit
• Product Class Wise Profit
• Product -Party Wise Profit
• Product Category wise Profit
• Make Wise Profit
• Invoice wise Profit
• Period wise profit
• To obtain the above reports, there are various parameters to select, such as
• Period- From and To Date
• Rate - Net Rate , Before Tax Rate
• General - Group, Segment, City, Region
• Party- Buyer, Sales Man, Broker
• Product - Classification, Category, Make, Item Code
• Get item wise Fast moving and slow moving report
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ERP Software
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